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Aviation Fuel

Shell has opened a state of the art tanker jetty at London Gateway

The site will deliver a quarter of all aviation fuel to airports in south east England from Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. Shell’s business development manager, Rachel Crocker, said: “We import two million tonnes of aviation fuel a year through this facility. This project has created a legacy for the UK that will secure jet supplies for many years to come.” London Gateway is owned by DP World, one of the world’s largest marine terminal operators.

By the end of the decade, Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic founder says that half the fuel used by airlines could be from sustainably sourced biofuels. He was speaking at the launch of RenewableJetFuels.org, a website rating around 40 companies producing green aviation fuels based on their economic viability, scalability and sustainability. www RenewableJetFuels.org

Lufthansasaysthedifficultyof sourcing sufficient sustainable jet biofuels could end trials. The airline, which has just undertaken its first biofuel-powered transatlantic flight, has already completed 1187 domestic flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg using a 50/50 blend of regular fuel and biosynthetic kerosene in one of the plane’s engines, saving an estimated 1471 tonnes of CO2 in the process. www.lufthansa.com

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